Specialty Cereals

Our Cereal Systems began in the early 1990’s as an ingredient manufacturer of a variety of precooked grains, rice, beans, peas and lentils, and by 2000 we began making finished ready-to-eat breakfast cereals as a contract manufacturer, either by formulating, co-manufacturing or toll manufacturing. Today, our versatile products and capabilities have positioned us as a leading custom partner in the cereal and infant and toddler snack market segments.


SensoryEffects specializes in Gluten Free, Organic, Non-GMO & Allergen Free products.

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SensoryEffects Cereal Systems offers a wide range of products, which can be batched cooked, extruded, and formulated with sugar, flavored coating, and/or vitamin fortification. Our products include:

  • Direct Expanded Snacks
    • Unique shapes
    • Multiple grain bases
    • Endless flavors
  • Cereal snacks
    • Multigrain or single grain
    • Variety of sizes
    • Savory or sweet
  • Multi-grain flakes
    • Batch-cooked, formed, flaked
    • Wheat/rice flakes
    • Corn/rice flakes
  • Crisp Rice
    • Batch-cooked and bumped
    • Brown rice
  • Whole grain flakes
    • Batch-cooked
    • Corn flakes
    • Wheat flakes
  • Direct expanded ready-to-eat cereal
    • Rings, puffs, crisps, and more
  • Protein crisps
  • Direct expanded snacks
  • Fiber twigs

Service Support

Our experienced staff and support capabilities can help you to build a better product.

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