ConfecShure® is the premier brand of encapsulated ingredients specifically designed for application in a variety of candies. Our dedicated team of applications scientists have developed multiple uses for our proprietary technology in candy applications including:

  • Acidulants to improve flavor duration
  • Elimination of sugar inversion
  • Prevention of unwanted gassing in gum pellets
  • Extended shelf life in sanded candies
  • Color Stability

ConfecShure branded products address issues commonly faced by confectioners — and succeeded. Encapsulated ingredients such as citric acid, malic acid and tartaric acid make it possible for manufacturers to overcome such problems as flavor loss, sugar inversion, hygroscopicity, discoloration and absorption of moisture, to name a few.

Our ConfecShure product line opens up new worlds of possibility for the confectionery industry. Recognizing the needs of the industry, SensoryEffects is developing wild new applications, potent new functional foods, breakthrough quality and superior shelf life — all through our proprietary microencapsulation technology.

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