Encapsulation controls undesirable interactions in foods, supplements and pharmaceutical actives, thereby improving product quality and extending shelf life.

To control, protect and deliver

Our consistently high quality products begin as carefully selected raw materials. An active water-soluble ingredient is combined with water-insoluble coating material in a proprietary process maintained under stringent controls. Multiple thin layers of protective coating are then applied to the particle to yield encapsulates which are uniform, relatively smooth granules that exhibit excellent water barrier properties even in the harshest of conditions typical of food processing operations.

Our encapsulated products have excellent handling characteristics in production environments yielding a significant reduction in clumping, dusting and strong odors, as compared to their un-encapsulated counterparts. In addition to ease of use, Balchem® Ingredient Solutions proprietary encapsulation technology provides tangible improvements in finished product quality and shelf life by effectively controlling undesirable chemical interactions in food.

Our encapsulates line offers three specialty product lines:

BakeShure® – ingredients offering improved leavening, enhanced preservation and more...

ConfecShure® – ingredients to maximize flavor, eliminate sugar inversion and more...

MeatShure® – ingredients to modify texture, improve production efficiency, reduce cost and more...

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