Taste travelers rejoice! Let your taste buds do the adventuring through our 2019 Spring Feature Flavors Bakery Inclusions

By: Tracy Snider
Marketing Manager

The Spring 2019 Feature Flavors Bakery Inclusions brings forward Globally Inspired flavors, Mocktails, Floral enhancements and bright colored flavors. These macro-trends are crossing over into bakery categories now.

The first product to build off these macrotrends in this launch is the Mojito Cookie, a refreshing drink favorite, infused into a cookie. These mocktail-influenced inclusions give a rush of citrus, mint and rum in each taste. 

Seeking tropical influences? Nibble on a Passion Fruit, Orange Guava Sugar cookie. A blend of tropical flavors all included in one brightly-colored inclusion. More global inspirations can be found in the Tikka Masala Pita Bite and Gochujang Cheese Cracker.  The rich and savory flavors of Tikka Masala emanate from the pita bite, just like the spiced curry from your favorite Indian restaurant. The Korean favorite Gochujang is haled to be the next Sriracha and adds spicy sweetness to this cheese cracker.

Get your snacking close to nature by using our inclusions featuring blends of herbs and florals with refreshing fruit notes like our Blood Orange & Tarragon or Blackberry & Hibiscus. Intense blood orange combined with the spicy herb tarragon offers a mildly sweet tone in a richly flavored pound cake. Blackberry and hibiscus offer delicately combined flavors in a perfect-tasting shortbread.

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These new flavor profiles are on-trend, designed for the changing preferences of today’s busy consumer and formulated to draw attention to your bakery items on the shelf. Our inclusions offer a convenient, cost-effective way to add flavor, aroma and color to your baked goods.

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