2017 Feature Flavors Trends

Kate Bohnert
Marketing Specialist

With another year on the books, we are excited to soon announce a new and delicious line-up of frozen dessert concepts in our 2017 Feature Flavor Program! We’ve been studying the macro flavor trends and the global market trends, and working hard in our R&D labs to bring you a new line-up of frozen dessert concepts featuring our unique ingredients, including flavor bases, variegates, and low melt inclusions. We’ve strived for a balanced portfolio of mainstream concepts, splurge or special occasion purchases, as well as limited time offerings (LTO) concepts.

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Many of the trends from the previous year have been gaining momentum and will continue to influence new market launches for this year. (See the history of Feature Flavors) However, there are a few NEW things to report.

The trends we’re focusing on:

  1. The presence of Artisanal/Craft/Local flavors are now more prominent than ever in the ice cream aisle. In fact, “Retail artisanal ice cream and bulk dairy ice cream are expected to be the fastest growing categories over the forecast period (2016-2020), posting value CAGRs (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 3% and 2% at constant 2015 prices, respectively. While artisanal ice cream accounts for only a small part of the ice cream and frozen desserts category (less than 3% in 2015), consumers continue to gravitate towards "craft", "small batch" and "artisanal" foods and beverages." (Euromonitor October 2015 Ice Cream Report) We’ve created flavors that appeal to mainstream consumers by creating concepts that are “down home” or “nostalgic” dessert favorites, which can also tie to the “buy/shop local” macro trend.
  2. Limited Time Offerings (LTO) – The advertising and PR buzz of an LTO product creates the “gotta get it now” mentality, since it's only offered at this time of year, or worse – only time EVER! We've included some classic seasonal flavors with a unique twist, as well as a few classic holiday dessert-inspired ice cream concepts.
  3. Ethnic & Worldly foods, especially the East Meets West macro trends, are continuing to grow and influence the products in the freezer isle. Green Tea, Honey and Matcha are big this year, and Thai-flavored ice creams have been recently introduced to the market. One example: Steve’s Ice Cream released a Thai Peanut Butter Pretzel ice cream earlier this year. One of our concepts for the 2017 line-up is inspired by a popular German dessert.
  4. And of course, the Clean Label demand has had a huge impact on every food and beverage category in the marketplace today. In 2015, 20% of new frozen desserts launch had a Natural claim, which includes Organic, GMO-Free, All Natural (Mintel Global New Products Database). Manufacturers have to consider alternative ingredients and alternative ways to process their products to meet the label claims that your customers are after – Non-GMO, Natural Flavors & Colors, PHO-Free, to name a few. We can formulate most of our flavor bases and variegates to help meet the claims that best meet your customers' needs.
  5. Last year was a springboard for the savory, spicy and sweet flavor category, but these mash-up flavor combinations are once again on our radar. Consumers, especially the millennial market segment, are still craving the “experience” and “adventure” by purchasing new and interesting ice cream flavors, which makes this category perfect for this age group. Aligning with this trend, some new products that were launched this year were Sweet, Peach Heat Wave from Bonfatto’s, a French vanilla ice cream infused with Bonafatto’s peaches n’ scream sauce and granola, and Pierre’s Chef’s Signature introduced Holé Molé, a cinnamon ice cream blended with chili choco chips, chocolate-covered toffee pieces and Molé fudge swirl. Last year, we twisted in the heat of jalapeño into a water-based variegate. This year? We've peppered a sweet and fruity variegate into a new flavor base, inspired by an classic Italian dessert.
  6. Tropical fruits and flowers were starting to float onto the radar last year, but we're seeing these flavors combo'd with grains for concepts perceived as “healthier” indulgence...so think, Guava and lavender flavors, but with oats and grains for more of that guilt-free indulgence. Moroccan Orange Blossom from Movenpick and Magnolia’s Guava, these tropical flavors are irresistible and are perfect examples of this ice cream category.

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Kate Bohnert

Kate Bohnert

Marketing Specialist

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