Baby & Toddler Nutrition

Our experienced formulators and specialty production facility enables us to meet the highest quality and regulatory standards, giving you the assurance you need in a manufacturing partner.

Baby & Toddler Formulas

We currently offer three manufacturing options to produce customized formulations including:

Nutritional Bases: Pre-formulated high fat spray-dried base powders that are ready to be dry blended with other ingredients to make finished products.

Fortified Nutritional Bases: Vitamin and mineral premixes added prior to spray drying and subsequent dry blending into customized finished products.

All-In Wet Mixes: Fully developed wet mix, spray dried into a complete toddler formulation.

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Baby & Toddler Cereals

Baby Melt-Away Puffs and Toddler Snacks are a melt-in-your mouth finger food for babies and toddlers. They are sweetened with 100% fruit and vegetable juice and can be fortified with VitaCholine for brain and eye health. Our Toddler Cereal Puffs have no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors and no trans fats.

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VitaCholine benefits everyone, from pregnant women to infants and children, to athletes, to adults and senior citizens. Consumers are realizing how VitaCholine is important for enchanced memory and brain function for all ages, prenatal nutrition, cardiovascular and liver health benefits and more!

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Service Support

Our experienced staff and support capabilities can help you to build a better product.

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