2020 Feature Flavors Bakery Inclusions

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Spring 2020

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Fall 2019

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SensoryEffects is the market leader in the manufacture of lipid-based inclusions, a convenient and cost-effective method for delivering new flavors, aromas and colors to the baking industry. This year, we have expanded our Annual Feature Flavors program – historically for just frozen dessert applications – to highlight inclusions featured in bakery applications.

Key Flavor Trends

Some of the macro-flavor trend categories showing up in the marketplace include Global Inspirations, Nuanced Indulgences, Cheese Please, Next to Nature and Brightly Flavored Colors, which are crossing over into bakery categories.

Based on consumer flavor trends, we add our unique twist to allow our customers to easily add a little something different to their baked goods. Explore our TWO product line launches – one for the Spring, and one for the Fall! These inclusions are perfect for tortillas, scones, muffins, cookies, cakes, rolls, breads, biscuits and more!

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2020 Spring Feature Flavors Inclusions Products

Dragon Fruit Animal Cookies - Global Inspirations/Brightly Flavored Colors

Dragon Fruit Animal Cookie

This brightly flavored cookie is enhanced with the zing of the sweet and juicy Dragon Fruit in a fun shaped animal cookie base for a family favorite. Inspired by the bright color of the actual fruit, these Dragon Fruit Animal Cookies meet two of today’s trends: Global Inspirations and Brightly Flavored Colors.


Brandied Cherry Madelines - Nuanced Indulgences/Global Inspirations

Brandied Cherry Madeleines

The sweet and tangy taste of cherries heightened with the sweetness of brandy bring this delicate sponge cake to life with a vibrant pink color and sensory experience reminiscent of a summer cordial. Brandied cherries are a delicious addition to cocktails or even atop an ice cream sundae, these Brandied Cherry Madeleines are inspired by springtime in Paris. 

Honey Mustard & Raspberry Pretzel Bites - Next to Nature/Global Inspirations

Honey Mustard & Raspberry Pretzel Bites

A soft pretzel bite baked to perfection with the nature inspired sweetness of honey blended with the hot bite of mustard and the delicate burst of sweetness and just a hint of acidic tartness from the raspberry. The Honey Mustard & Raspberry Pretzel Bites deliver heat without overpowering the palate.


Mango Salsa Tortilla Chips  - Brightly Flavored Colors/Global Inspirations

Mango Salsa

This bright orange inclusion brings the sweet heat of mango salsa to a crisp tortilla chip. Subtle jalapeño notes kick up the spice of the salsa that plays off the juicy sweetness of the mango. It’s a refreshingly bright flavor experience, with just enough heat.

Tiramisu Cake Bites - Nuanced Indulgences/Cheese Please

Tiramisu Cake Bites

All of the creamy indulgence of mascarpone cheese, espresso and lady fingers of the original Tiramisu dessert in this inclusion, come to life it these tender cake bites. Inspired by the Italian dessert these flavors kick up the sweet treat and play off the growing popularity of cheese.


Chimichurri Flat Bread - Next to Nature/Global Inspirations


Rich and savory Chimichurri flavors are featured in this Flat Bread that are reminiscent of the delicious South American sauce that pairs perfectly with steak. This authentic experience will remind you of a Brazilian steakhouse with the blends of herbs.

2019 Fall Feature Flavors Inclusions Products

Royal Wedding Cookie

Royal Wedding Cookie

Inspired by the cakes served at the royal wedding and the next to nature trend, this cookie is brightened by the inclusions subtle flavor of elderflower and the tartness of lemon. A classic flavor combination that pairs well in delectably sweet baked goods.


Old Fashioned Cocktail Cookie

Old Fashioned Cocktail Cookie

The only thing missing in this inclusion is the Kentucky hug. Enjoy the classic cocktail flavor in this “mocktail” inclusion and leave the muddling to us. The essence of the classic Bourbon based cocktail comes through perfectly in this Old Fashioned inclusion.

Fig & Hatch Granola Bar

Fig & Hatch Granola Bar

Our Fig & Green Hatch Chili inclusions bring the sweet, earthy flavors of fall figs and the rounded heat of green hatch chilies together in this crunchy granola bite.  A perfect flavor and snack combination for fall hikes through the beautiful fall foliage.


Cold Brew Coffee Brownie

Cold Brew Coffee Brownie

How do you improve an already delicious, ooey-gooey brownie? You add in our Cold Brew inclusion. Cold Brew coffee is naturally less acidic, giving a sweeter note than traditional brewing. These flavor features come through perfectly in this inclusion, ready to be enjoyed in every brownie bite.


Not Granny's Spice Cake

Not Granny's Spice Cake

Building from global inspirations and incorporating traditional fall notes, our Baharat Spice inclusion brings a touch of Middle Eastern excitement to a fall favorite.  This isn’t your Granny’s spice cake; but we’re confident she’d still love it!


Butternut Squash Cardamon Roll

Butternut Squash Cardamon Roll

Root vegetables and fall go together; and what better than Butternut Squash with a hint of Cardamom to elevate it to the next level.  A mix of traditional fall flavor and new world spices is the perfect combination to accompany any dinner. 

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